5 Reasons Why Tennis is Great for Kids of All Ages

Posted on: June 12, 2018

Written by: Nathan Waddell

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Playing tennis at our fun holiday camp

Tennis is a great, inclusive sport for both kids and adults. This is a game that can be played at any age, any fitness level and you can play individually or as part of a team.

Why Tennis Is Great For Kids

Tennis is an active sport and can be very social, however it can also be a highly competitive sport if you are that way inclined. There are many reasons why tennis is a fantastic game for kids. Here are our top 5 reasons that we think tennis is a great sport for all kids to learn.

1) Develops hand-eye coordination

Children who play tennis learn to constantly judge many different factors such as timing, speed, depth of shot, bounce, spin and point of contact in order to make contact with the ball. The combination of these elements accelerates their skill development. Its in this development that they will also develop Gross motor skills and Fine motor skills through various different training methods.

2) Good exercise

Kids that play tennis cover various facets of exercise while playing. To play tennis children will use the following areas, strength and flexibility, power and speed, aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Tennis is great for improving their health and fitness, core strength & conditioning and develops both gross motor skills and fine motor skills which will benefit the child across a range of different sports.

3) Developing friendships/social skills

Whether you are at junior tennis lessons, participating in squad tennis training, playing a competitive match or having a hit in a social setting, you learn to develop the relevant social skills and friendships that will continue for your lifetime. From learning to play in a team, playing doubles or singles you have to develop decision making skills, communication skills, teamwork and perseverance.

4) Teaches ethics and good sportsmanship

Whether at training or competing in local competition or regional/national tournaments, tennis teaches you how to take pride in yourself and encourages kids to have a great work ethic, how to follow rules good manners on and off the court. It’s these ethics and good sportsmanship that will last a lifetime. In tennis, like most individual sports, you need to develop a strong mentality and learn to appreciate winning and how to accept your losses and learn from them.

5) Tennis is fun

Tennis should always be treated like any sport and that is to have fun. Whether it be in training, playing for school, club or at a competitive tournament level, there should always be an element of fun. Not only can you just have a hit around with friends and family, but you can meet lots of different people and develop lifelong friends.

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