Adult Tennis Lessons

Our adult squad sessions are a fun and interactive way to learn the skills necessary to play at a social to competitive level. These sessions are broken into sections, where we work on certain techniques and then using them in a game-based approach, you will learn though play and develop your game.

The session is a 75 minute class which not only focuses on stroke correction but also improves your tactical play, footwork and fitness. These sessions are a fun, interactive and fast paced, to give you not only a just a tennis training session but a work out at the same time.

Whether you are looking at various factors, meet new people, make a comeback to tennis after long absence, weight loss, or just for the fun of interaction, our coaches will strive to help you reach your goals.

With our coaches current and up-to-date coaching methods, we will provide you with the best coaching, in a great environment. With low number to coach to player ratio 6 to 1, you will get the most out of your session.

For more information please feel free to contact our office and we will get you on the court in no time.