ANZ Hot Shots Tennis

Superior Tennis Academy specialises in delivering kids Hot Shots Tennis lessons Coombabah and the wider Nothern Gold Coast area. Kids progress through our 3 stages: Red, Orange and Green.

Guided by one of our qualified Tennis coaches, kids are encouraged to learn through play, develop technical, tactical and perceptual skills and co-ordination at their own pace and will move on to the next stage when they are ready.

Our Gold Coast Hot Shots Tennis lessons use modified equipment such as smaller racquets, compression tennis balls and smaller court sizes which allow kids to learn tennis, develop skills, experience success and start actually playing the game at an accelerated rate.

What are Hot Shots Tennis Lessons?

The 3 Stages


Hot Shots Tennis Lessons Red StageOur Hotshots Redball squad session is for your young beginner ages 4 to 8 years of age. Our focus in these sessions is very much on developing the hand-eye and ball-eye coordination as well as developing your basic tennis techniques.

With a maximum of 4 per session these sessions are a fun and interactive way of learning and developing your gross motor skill.

Our kids hot shots tennis Redball class is 30 minutes in length and is a fun active way to get kids interested in tennis.


Hot Shots Tennis Lessons Orange StageOur hotshots orange ball program is broken into 2 programs.

Orange Ball One session is for ages 6 to 8 who have acquired the basic skill and development within the Redball sessions, working on the basic skill set acquired in the red ball program. The orange ball kids tennis lessons are a 45 minute session and have a maximum of 6 pupils per class. These sessions are more based on developing the techniques already taught and enhancing them as well as game play and team work.

Orange Ball Two sessions are an extension part of the orange ball program working on not only stroke production and techniques, but also match play and structured point play. These are still a 45 min session but use a combination of orange and green ball.


Hot Shots Tennis Lessons Green StageOur Hotshots Greenball program is broken into two programs.

Our Greenball One class is the 3rd stage of the Hotshots program for ages 7 to 10 years of age who have developed all the necessary techniques and advancing the techniques further. The Green stage hot shots tennis coaching sessions are 60 minutes in length and have a maximum of 6 students. Green Ball One is a low level green ball session which continues to enhance the skill set learnt in Orange ball 2 but working on more structured play and matchplay conditions. Whilst in side these sessions we also work on the more complex techniques, fitness and footwork.

Greenball Two is the final program before moving into our own tailored Development Squad programs. This program is focused on more advanced applications of fitness and footwork, continuing the development of the skill set as well as the mental side of competition and tournaments

Hot Shots Tennis Lessons Runaway Bay

Based in Coombabah, Superior Tennis Academy is the leading provider of Hot Shots Tennis lessons and kids tennis coaching in Runaway Bay and the wider Northern Gold Coast area.

We provide group and private tennis lessons for Runaway Bay kids of every age and ability level. Whether your child is picking up a racquet for the first time or is an experienced tennis player, we will be able to provide a suitable tennis coaching program to help your child get the most out of their Tennis and the best out of themself.

Hot Shots Tennis Lessons Arundel

Based out of Coombabah, Superior Tennis Academy is the main deliverer of Hot Shots Tennis lessons and kids tennis coaching in Arundel and Northern Gold Coast suburbs.

We provide group and private tennis lessons for Arundel local kids of all ages and standards of play. It doesn’t matter if your child is starting Tennis for the first time or is an experienced tennis player, we will be able to deliver a suitable Arundel tennis lesson to help your child develop basic skills and learn to play tennis in a fun and encouraging environment.