Junior Development Squads

Development Squad Sessions

The development squad session is the next stage in your childs development. These sessions are a 90min session, using the traditional yellow ball. Within these sessions we advance the techniques learnt in the Hotshots program, developing more advanced techniques, better footwork, more tactical and strategy mindset delivering more polish to your game.

The coaches provide an up tempo session, with more live hitting drills, strength and conditioning, fitness and fun. With low ratio class to coach (6 to 1) you will get the most out of your sessions.

Elite Squad Sessions

Our Elite squad sessions are the final stage in the program. These sessions are a 120min sessions are geared around advancing your skills and talent to the highest point. During these sessions our main focus is on live ball rallying, fitness, strength and conditioning, and breaking down the mental and tactical side of tennis.

These sessions are generally for ages 12 and above but are talent and ability based not age based. We incorporate various different tools in these sessions to get the most out of the players. From footwork training aids, to strength and power training aids and general fitness training, the players always get the most out of these sessions, preparing them for the battles ahead on the match court.

For the competition to tournament player our coaches will help you achieve your goals and help you set new ones. Whether they be the smallest of goals, like trying to get a win over a tough opponent, or largest of goals like playing AMT’s or state/national tournaments, we will get you there.

We also offer tournament support for those who venture down that pathway. We will help you prepare you in your pre-match and post-match preparations, so you just have to focus on the match.