Protect your Eyes with Solar Bat Sunglasses

Posted on: September 25, 2021

Written by: Nathan Waddell

Posted in: Latest News

Solar Bat Australia distributes sunglasses with lenses developed specifically for tennis…..and we at Superior Tennis Academy stock their range of models and frame colours.
Nathan & Beau Waddell wearing their solar bat sunglasses
You’ve seen what the sun’s damaging UV rays can do to you and your kids’ skin. Imagine the damage the sun is doing to your kid’s eyes.

To the parents of the wonderful kids who train, practise or compete at our Academy, we ask that you consider a pair of these sunglasses because your kids’ eye health is very important.

One particular model of Solar Bat Sunglasses (with six different frame colours) is unisex and one-size-fits all.


Start Wearing Sunglasses Young

The sooner young players (from about 10 years and up) get used to playing in sunglasses, the more likely they are to wear them throughout their playing lives.

These Solar Bat tennis sunglasses have several features which make them unique and please remember these sunglasses are specifically beneficial on the tennis court.

Ask Nathan Waddell for a list of the features or look at Solar Bat Australia’s website for information and photos of the models and frame colours.


We’ve got special deals on Solar Bat Sunglasses

Tennis player wearing Solar Bat Sunglasses

If you want to protect your kids’ eyes or your own, please see Nathan rather than buying direct from Solar Bat Australia’s website – We have play-test pairs you can try out and we offer special pricing.

Solar Bat Australia supports our efforts to promote and sell their sunglasses in the interests of eye health and the unique benefits their sunglasses provide on court.

Please see their message which follows:


A Message from Solar Bat Australia

Solar Bat Australia is delighted to support Superior Tennis Academy’s programme to promote the wearing of our quality tennis specific sunglasses. Young players particularly need eye protection as they get older because the Queensland sun has caused longterm damage to the eyes of players of all ages.

It is not unusual for youngsters (and adults) to experience red and weeping eyes after a few hours on court and that absolutely must be avoided. One mother wrote to us:

Thank you, Solar Bat Australia; this was our school team’s third year and his first time wearing Solar Bat sunglasses. He always wore sunnies but would come home from 2 full days on court with blood red eyes. This year, thanks to these amazing glasses, his eyes were AOK!

We encourage you to check out the photographs and information on our Solar Bat Sunglasses website and then please talk with Nathan Waddell at Superior Tennis Academy.

This is an important issue so please protect your children’s eyes while they’re on the tennis court.