The Benefits of Playing Tennis for a Child’s Physical & Mental Health

Posted on: March 05, 2023

Written by: Nathan Waddell

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If you are looking at getting your child into a sport that is great for the development of both physical and mental well-being, then tennis is the answer.

Having tennis lessons at a young age and developing the necessary skillset to play the game we love will help your children acquire a multitude of skills for life.


Benefit #1: Develop gross motor skills and fine motor skills

It will help develop their hand eye coordination, gross motor skill function through court movement and ball striking.

Other skills that are honed by playing tennins include:

  • communication (whether it be with coach or with a partner)
  • balance, speed and flexibility through varied sessions on footwork
  • strength and conditioning
  • and it is a great all over workout including the benefit of a cardio workout.

Additionally, it kids used to being outside, away from technology and tv screens. Tennis a great way to get kids started in an active and healthy lifestyle.


Benefit #2: Tennis teaches life skills

Tennis is a game you can play for a lifetime and it will help a child develop the mental capacity to deal with many things in life.

When you’re on the tennis court you have to deal with many different factors from the weather, your own preparation (making sure you have all your equipment, water bottle, towel etc), time factors, other people and noises/sounds/pressures, trying to think whilst on the run, and have the ability to change tactics without coaches advice through problem solving skills.

A tennis coach can provide you with all the tools, knowledge and support necessary to develop all these skills but your child is the one responsible for their own development and progress.

If you don’t instil this in your child at an early age, they will take longer to grow as a player and a person.


Benefit #3: Developing important social skills and mental fortitude

Tennis is also a great way of developing sportsmanship, social skills, teamwork, developing a work ethic and discipline.

In order to lift up a trophy, there is a lot that a player will have to do such as:

  • Practice discipline and self sacrifice;
  • Develop resilience;
  • Keep working hard on their own health and phyical well being;
  • Goal setting (short, medium and long term goal setting);
  • Most importantly – enjoying the process and havnig fun.

All of these life skills can be developed by having tennis lessons at your local club.


Benefit 4: Become a part of something bigger than yourself

Belonging to a tennis club provides opportunities for children and adults to:

  • Develop friendships;
  • Interact with others from varying backgrounds;
  • Become part of a team;
  • Develop a strong feeling of belonging and sense of purpose.

Playing tennis or any sport for that matter is a terrific pastime – it gets kids active and outside and it lets them unleash your competitive spirit in an encouraging environment.

Best of all, you get to meet new people, increase your social circle and make life-long friends.


Play Tennis on the Gold Coast at Superior Tennis Academy

Here at Superior Tennis Academy we cover a broad range of training levels from Tennis Australia’s Hotshots tennis program through our own yellow ball development and elite squads into adult tennis classes.

Whether our new players are raw beginners looking to learn how to play or advanced players looking at honing their skills for competition, we can have programs to suit all ages and abilitiy levels including squad tennis sessions and private tennis lessons.

Whatever you are looking for, we are here to support you.We look forward to seeing you on the court very soon where we can help start and guide you on your tennis journey.


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